Monday, December 02, 2013

Monday's Child

1.  Phone call for Dr. Skarbek:  Academic labor practices similar to drug gangs.

2.  Satellite at LaGrange Point maps path of comet.  And what a LaGrange Point is.

3.  If we can't fix this, we can't anything.  But then, maybe we can't fix anything.

4.  The Munger diet:  Red wine and also lots of nuts. Okay, it's actually the Susan L. diet, but I'm going to borrow it.

5.  If you think everything is "about" race and gender, you will find this offensive.  If you think people who think everything is "about" race and gender, you will this even MORE offensive.


6.  Why is it "okay" to buy and sell some things, but not others?

7.  Whoa, whoa, whoa! (As the security guard said...)  How did this ever get past IRB?  Is it remotely ethical?

8.  If you don't pick up your pooch's poo, YOU will get bagged.   We spend more on this kind of "investigation" than we do on some inner city killings.

9.  Is the cost curve "bent"?  Or is the analysis the thing that is getting bent?

10.  Sometimes, LeBron shows just WHY he is LeBron.  This would be one of those times.  Reasonable, persuasive, a tour de force.

11.  These young ladies are extremely flexible.

12.  The reason we have troubles in DC is that...we don't have a draft?  Maybe that's not really the reason.

13.  Condorcet lives!  Quite possibly the best SMBC...well, ever. And that's saying something.  'Cause Zach is a wild man.

14.  P-Kroog, minimum wages, and the fallacy of the crucial experiment.

15.  End the occupation of South Korea!

16.  Roseanne Barr threatens to "take up geriatric porn" if she doesn't get her way.  Ewww!  Do whatever she wants!   Ewwww!

17.  From Turing to Snowden.   In vain you tell me that Artificial Government is good, but that I fall out only with the Abuse. The Thing! the Thing itself is the Abuse!  (That's for frequent commenter Tom, who is a fan of Burke...)  The point being, if you don't want to go to Chicago, why are you getting on that train?  NSA is not an abuse, they are just doing their jobs.  If you don't want abuse, limit the state.

18.  Teaching everyone to code?  Save the world from poverty?  There are several problems with that, as Sadowski notes.  I would add, what about that whole "comparative advantage" thing?  The difference between the philosopher, the street porter, and the coder?  It's likely more than just habit.

19.  Libertarians love immigrants, it seems.  But immigrants don't so much love libertarians.  The paper with the info.

20.  Holy smokes!  Wayne Brough!  The famous drummer for Bo-SO!  Economist for FreedomWorks.


Tom said...

What's that you say -- "Drug gangs labor practices similar to academic's"?

I thought so.

Pelsmin said...

Re: the Flexible Ross Girls...

You think they're flexible? Check out this pretty little thing contorting herself around immovable objects, sharp corners and barbed edges without getting scratched.

Pelsmin said...

And re: the wine and nuts benefits...
That only confirms my lifelong belief in the power of the port wine cheddar log.

As soon as they confirm the prophylactic benefits of butter, cheddar and cream cheese, we can dig in.

Jim D said...

In re the Ross Sisters, Daffy Duck said it best:

"You know, there just MIGHT be a market for this."