Monday, May 05, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  I like beezin'....'cause beezin can give you pinkeye.  (The video is good.)

2.  It's the Department of JUSTICE, after all, so this must be okay, right?  Perhaps they should change their name to "Comité de Salut Public."  THAT turned out well, that whole, "We know what is good for everyone" thing, right? (Plus, they are calling it "Choke Point," a porn joke.  So we should be glad they have a sense of humor.  Right?)  Some details...

3.  What if faculty were full-time and administrators were adjunct?

4.  Men who support female leadership are accused of duplicity by women, and of wimpiness by men.

5.  Sometimes, you CAN fault the police.  Or even sue them successfully.

6.  If you can make money by doing it, you don't need a movement.  Or subsidies, or restrictions on competition.  You just need to do it.   If you DO need subsidies, that means you are wasting money, not saving money.

7.  Greg Brannon is a goofball.   I'll admit, I like Thom Tillis, whom I know reasonably well, both as a person and on the merits.  But separate from that, Greg Brannon is a goofball.

8.  Urbit.  No, really, Urbit.

9.  How bored would you have to be to do this?  "Wake up, baby!"

10.  New Home Sales and Interest Rates.

11.  It may not really be "smarter" to travel in groups, but it can be funnier.

12.  Stealin' stuff. Okay.  Police uniform, pretty cool.  But a puppy?  Who would steal a puppy?  UPDATE:  They found the stuff.  But not the puppy.

13.  Here I thought only police liked donuts....

14.  I'm not sure this is right.  But then maybe the life of most college profs is just much different from mine.  Do y'all really sit in meetings all day?  If so, why?

15.  Poor guy was confused.  There are potato guns, of course.  But using a potato as a gun is not going to fool the police.  Not even in RI.

16.  Dude took everything but the kitchen sink.  WHOA!  Look at that.

17.  Chris Achen on diversity.  In methods.

18.  When squirrels attack!  Skippy Squirrelbane was needed here.

19.  To "retain" your gun rights....

20.  Don't meditate, laugh!  But then this guy knew that already...

21.  An othodoxy dies.  But, now what?  In fact, SO what? Perhaps diversity matters more than we thought?

22.  Our son Brian has a classmate named Jessica.  Her dad loaned some papers to Duke for a bit.  I'd like to see them.

23.  If ONLY we could grow all our own food.  A remarkably terrible idea. The economies of scale in farming are gigantic.  GI. GAN. TIC.


munger>hayek said...

Are The Economies Of Scale In Farming Offset At All By The Fact That The Larger The Firm , TheMore Rent Seeking Happens?

Mungowitz said...


MK said...

Once you've posted the Laughing Yogi, you know you're going to post it again. And again, and again.

Tom said...

The gigantic economies of scale in farming are subject to the same pressures from technology as other big industries. There are hints of this already, particularly for fresh vegetables.

Having said that, it is still hard to imagine what technology could connect a hungry me with a cow and any prospect of steak, burgers, or stew.