Thursday, May 08, 2014

This week's sign of the stink- pocalypse

After 90 years, Davidson college is abolishing their laundry service for students.

Reactions are mixed.

From Davidson's president Carol Quillen:

Quillen, who washed her own clothes as an undergraduate at the University of Chicago and while pursuing her Ph.D. at Princeton, added that no one comes to Davidson for free laundry.

From an alum:

“We gave up vespers, we gave up chapel, we went coed, we even gave up the marching band, but dad-gum-it, we can’t give up the laundry. What is this world coming to?”

Then there's the LOL quote of the week:

Though nationally prominent for its academics, free laundry distinguishes Davidson on every Internet list of special student benefits for various colleges.

Any thoughts, Mungo? I bet you went there for the laundry, right?

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Anonymous said...

No doubt where he learned to dry tee shirts in an oven...