Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  So Nosferatu had it right all along?  A little creepy.  And the ethical would this work, exactly?

2.  Review of Easterly's new book, Tyranny of Experts.

3.  A bunch of 10 second videos about pretty much nothing in particular.

4.  "Free Mondela" was a good cause.  "Free parking" (yes, free is a verb here) is not so good.

5.  If you don't have standing for something, you'll fall for anything.


6.  So Reckless got lucky, in the end.  Also fat.

7.  Why would you think that the state can protect kids against bullies, when the state IS the bully?

8.  Some Raleigh home cooking awesomeness.

9.  BYOC....

10.  How to end poverty?

11.  This is tough:  Sir Charles has angered both "obesity groups" and "fat groups."  Who knew there was a difference?

12.  What a student wants, what a student needs...

13.  Sometimes things are not as they appear....

14.  This is funny, I admit.  But if you spend a lot of time reading from a teleprompter you are bound to misspeak sometimes.  I expect that I would sound pretty bad, too!

15.  Laundering drug money as trade.  Of course, it wouldn't NEED to be laundered if the exports were legal.  That would fix a lot of things that now are broken.

16. When you are using other people's money, it is easy to have big dreams...

17.  "With authentic dirt."  None of that fake dirt, mind you.

18.  So, the LMM and I live in the nation's most important county, electorally (see #6).  I wonder how the little people feel... Because of my importance, I have no way of knowing, of course.

19.  It's the logical next step:  MSNBC goes all Springer.  Syria leads the way.

20.  Me and my Mossberg, estimating Pi.

21.  It's the silver, stupid.

22.  Cooper is a good boy.


Masturbating Yogi Throws Dead Animal at Passing Car...

Chinese Teens Taking Cabbages for Walks to Get Over Loneliness...

Munger In Love With The Xerox Machine...

Police Shooting Frenzy Causes Concerns... (Actually, there is more to this story.  I just find it odd that someone could think a "police shooting frenzy" could do anything other than "cause concern;"  no kidding!)

She Was Accidentally Killed When I Swung the Ax.  (That's his first wife.  This was revealed on a dating show.  THAT is entertainment.)


Anonymous said...

This bus driver who regularlyacted horribly toward the special needs teenaged girl on his bus gets a couple of articles, neither of which even give his name. Contrast this with the firestorm of outrage that erupted against Donald Sterling after some of his remarks in private to his mistress were made public without his permission.

It seems nearly ever public figure competed to outdo the others in the harshness of condemning Sterling.

mike shupp said...

Baby farms! An alternative to abortion which pays real dividends!

Tom said...

Speaking of ethical problems and the start of a B movie, focus on "start" and "problem." Assuming the result holds up (and I never bet much on one study), the next thing -- already begun -- is to isolate the particular components of young blood that are beneficial to the old. When we know what and how, we can synthesize!

Tom said...

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, don't waste ammo computing pi. Just ask around: you'll quickly find a geek survivor who still REMEMBERS the frist 50 digits of pi.