Monday, May 19, 2014

Trigger warnings

Trigger warnings?  Seriously?  Education, itself, is unsettling.  Hearing an idea you disagree, but can't find an argument against, is unsettling.  I'm going to add the following "trigger warning" to my syllabus:

This class contains references to crimes, drug use, sex, racism, and radical ideas about revolution, redistribution, and economic policies you will almost certainly disagree with.  If that's a problem, if you cannot--for whatever reason--hear ideas you disagree with, or stories of the hardships of other people that will make you feel uncomfortable, please leave now.  


Jeff R. said...

Trigger warnings should only be necessary for classes involving actual guns.

Angry Alex said...

How about instead of all that 'GTFO you P*SSY!'?

Norman said...

We should definitely tell people who have experienced severe trauma to just get over it. It was just rape/war/racially-motivated violence/etc, don't start throwing around made-up terms like PTSD!

If they might not be mentally prepared to deal with the issues being discussed because of a lack of preparation because they weren't warned, they should just go home and leave education to those with less baggage!

That's not just my own privilege talking, either. We've no time for this "listening to people we disagree with and coming to reasonable compromises" nonsense. Let's just, as faculty, be dismissive of those with less power than us... at least until administrators or government officials with more power than us force a change.