Saturday, September 06, 2014


So, there's this.  Arctic ice cap recovering rapidly.

But then there's this.  Depends on where you benchmark the "trend."

The author of the second piece, Phil Plait, notes that it really comes down to data, one view of which he provides here.

Unless I'm missing something, it would appear that Mr. Plait's response is pretty devestating.  One would have to ASSUME that 2012 was the low point, and that the fact we are above 2012 means "recovery."  But 2014 is still below the 1980-2010 trend.  And a marginal observation below the average still brings the average DOWN.  You can look it up.


Anonymous said...

Plait's a mouthpiece for the climate science gravy train.

Arctic ice is trivial compared to Antarctic ice, which is growing rapidly.

Besides, why are we only concerned with 1980-2010? There's plenty of historical evidence of a warmer arctic during Viking times.

Anonymous said...

stan said...

Anyone citing skepticalscience loses faster than one citing Nazis or Hitler. Because the Nazis were more honest.