Sunday, July 25, 2004

Links -- May be offensive

Some funny, some offensive, most both

A jibjab movie, equal opportunity bashing, excellent voicing and graphics. Hard to say which part is my favorite, though the Howard Dean bit is hard to beat, except the very end part where Cheney gets his props, which is even better.

A fair and balanced book. Not. (Just kidding. It really is a book)

Assassination fantasies, and a liberal trying to pretend it's okay (just fiction, don't you know)

"Kerry is Bin Laden's Man / President Bush is mine" -- commentary asks the question: who would Bin Laden vote for? See also the very nice Kerry-Edwards Vietnam riff, with desperately many refugees trying to get into the desperately small helicopter.

John Kerry's excellent adventure book, New Soldier: interesting comments. I hope those people all get the help they need, or the drugs.

These people are eligible to vote. That should terrify you.

The End of the World: unbelievably popular bit about ....well, about what the title says.

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