Tuesday, September 14, 2004

John Lott and NYT's Pillar of Snide

Damn, Betsy! You go.

She goes after the NYT treatment of the Lott-Hassett study. In particular, she points to the con-FISK-ication by Donald Luskin.

Full disclosure of my own: John Lott is a friend, for two decades.


Tim Lambert said...

See here for an explanation of what is wrong with Lott's study.

Mungowitz said...

Those are some good points.

And calling Don Luskin "stalker" is pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

OK, Duke students, here's your chance to refresh your test-taking skills for the GRE and have fun at the same time! Complete the analogy:

Tim Lambert calling Don Luskin a stalker is like
______ calling ________ a _________.

(a) Yoko Ono, Martha Stewart, bitch
(b) Paris Hilton, Anna Nicole Smith, skank
(c) a Tar Heel, UVa, the most overrated school in America
(d) Mike Munger, Nan Keohane, recluse

Mungowitz said...

Gosh, those are ALL good.

But I would pick "d".

Except that I don't want to go outside. Someone might see me.