Tuesday, November 16, 2004

UN is the loneliest number

I am stunned that people think the corruption of the UN is "news." The oil for food program in Iraq was just the latest in a sorry, sordid string of failures and outrages for the world's most self-righteous organization.

Face it, "UN resolution" is an oxymoron.

I have an actual picture of a UN oil-for-food administrator. (No, don't thank me. All part of the service)

An update: A loyal reader suggests that the UN is really only the third most self-righteous entity. And, of course, she is right: the MLA would have to come in first on any such list, and Barbara Streisand is a close second. But I was restricting myself to (1) people from Earth, and (2) IQs over 45, respectively.

Second update: Another gentle reader suggested that the original picture was...ungentle. Here it is, for those in a situation where a NOT WORK SAFE photo would appropriate.


Anonymous said...

that's a disturbing picture...
there's a more work area friendly one of a collared and tied (as in wearing a tie) guy with his head up his ass... small recommendation

Anonymous said...

Oh please, like this is news? And that title's a stretch (but an "A" for effort). It's amazing to think that not so long ago the liberal elite was chiding good 'ole uncle Jesse for refusing to appropriate funding for the U.S. to pay its dues. He must be laughing his head off (from somewhere).