Sunday, April 24, 2005


At first, I thought this must be a joke. Check out the SWOTT (actually, it should be "SWOT AT", like you would do to a fly, but...) web site.

They say:
We develop the Summer Workshop On Teaching Terrorism (SWOTT) to: 1) offer an intensive short-course on the fundamentals of terrorism; 2) introduce academics to new and innovative techniques utilized to teach terrorism; and 3) provide access to high-level officials working in the intelligence and counter-terrorism fields.

"Teach terrorism"? Maybe, teach ABOUT terrorism? Or will they have a theme dance, "Osama Enchanted Evening"? (Notice it does say "about" on this page)

Later, we are told:
A good teacher and an informed person can be quite different individuals. We wish to produce "informed teachers" from our workshop. A good teacher captures students attention, engages them in such a way that they want to learn, and often gets them to learn without them even realizing it. An individual with great information who does not know how to convey it in a way that is easy to consume is worthless. Academics, in particular, who take part in our program will leave with a better understanding of terrorism and its intricacies and armed with new teaching techniques and resources to relay their knowledge to their students.

So...they are ACTUALLY teaching teaching.

I think it worked; I am terrified by the fact that whoever wrote this announcement could take themselves this seriously.

(Nod to MWT, who is blameless, as he nearly never takes himself seriously).


Anonymous said...

should be o.k. as long as they don't advocate a target.

Anonymous said...

don't advocate a target.

< Oh they have a target! More MO from the feds to fight the so-called terrorists that they created. If you had check out their starting line up for this little get together chat. You will find all of them on the payroll of the Military Industial Complex from the past and the future. The only difference is that this bunch does not do, is have the balls that BlackWater does for profit.>

Chris Lawrence said...

The email I got on H-POLMETH had the "about" in there somewhere. I'd quote it but it went straight to the trash.

Viagra Online said...

I dont get it, this is favor of terrorism?? if it is what a bunch of BS.