Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Milepost....and a "Free Prize": Mug for a Mug Shot

I love the idea of free prizes. The prizes that cost money, well, they really aren't prizes.

As of this morning, ME has had more than 99,000 visitors (thanks, visitors!)

If YOU are visitor 100,000, and are willing to admit it, you will get a free (that's FREE!) "Munger for NC Governor" stainless steel mug, mailed to your home address!

These mugs are already much sought after. One was recently offered on Ebay for $2.70! No one bought it at that price, but I'm sure the bids will go up as the word gets out.

Seriously, I will contact the person who is visitor number 100,000, and if they are willing to give me their name, home address, and a picture (to be posted on the ME site), I will do a post honoring them, and SEND THEM A MUG for their mug shot.