Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Carving, at the Munger Property

My son Brian and I like to go down to our Chatham County property, go a half mile out into the woods, and exercise our Constitutional rights. The ones that come right after the end of the 1st Amendment.

This year, we went for pumpkin carving. It being all fall and all.

You start out with the major work, on the outline of the Jack-o. For this, it is hard to beat the tool created by Mr. Kalashnikov.
Here is Brian "roughing in" the outline, with the 7.62x.39 mm round.....
Then, for the finer work, you'll need the up close and personal touch of the Taurus Judge. This beauty is chambered for either the long Colt .45 shell, or (in this case) the .410 2.5" shotgun shell. Note the huge gout of flame and smoke that comes out of the barrel of this wheel gun on the fourth shot (he loaded one long Colt round, just for kick.) Very satisfyin'.

The finished result? A pumpkin to make any kid proud. The rear of the pumpkin is not in very good shape, of course (we also fired some long Colt .45 hollow points to see if they would expand; they did), but from the front....a masterpiece of Jack-O art.


Anonymous said...

This is the coolest display of both exercising second amendment rights and pumpkin carving I've ever seen.

Thanks for posting the pics and vids.

Berin M. Szoka said...

Do one with eyebrows and I'll be impressed.

Mungowitz said...

My eyebrows aren't sharp enough to cut the pumpkin.

Oh, meant a PUMPKIN with eyebrows.

Shawn said... the back side!

will this be displayed at the munger home? I'd be proud to display this Heller-o-lantern here in the District.

Angus said...

Kudos to you sir on your use of labels!

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