Friday, August 14, 2009

The Whitest Man on Earth

I spent most of the last week in Santa Fe, NM. It is as fine a place, especially in August (a good time NOT to be in OK or NC) as there is. Got to see the oldest church in the U.S. (San Miguel, 1610. That's old).Could see the state capitol building out of my balcony, at the hotel.
Plus, the hotel had a nice crisp NYTimes and coffee every morning, right outside my door. Mornings were quite cool, in the desert, 50 or 55 F.

I also got to see a very fine fellow. In fact, he is the whitest guy in the world. I don't mean that he has light skin, though that is true. It's the whole package: the skin, the accent, the 6 foot 4 inch height and 6 foot 5 inch vertical reach, the wannabe "game worn" Rhodes College basketball shorts. I give you the product of Wonderbread and Hellman's: Art Carden.


Tom said...

He has "6 foot 5 inch vertical reach" ... only one inch above his head? Arthritis of the shoulders, I guess.

Angus said...

I think MM meant to say that this marvelous product of wonderbread and hellman's actually has a negative vertical jump!

Mungowitz said...

Angus has it right.

He bends his knees to jump, and lifts his arms. The net effect is one additional inch.

Anonymous said...

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