Monday, August 30, 2010

Racial Segregation Policy

It is amazing that someone had to explain why this was wrong. (Thanks to Ken!)


John Thacker said...

It sounds like it was initially ordered by a court, because of the perceived problem of a 70 percent white, 30 percent black school, and students always voting for someone of the same race. Hence, the idea was apparently to ensure that some black students would be elected.

In some contexts it would certainly be illegal, but in others downright required. (Though I'd argue almost always *wrong*.)

The DOJ has brought lawsuits against cities and counties using all at-large elected bodies for similar reasons.

Mungowitz said...

John, that's a good point, and I had not thought of it. The fact that it is absurd, and wrong, does NOT imply that it was not ordered by a court.

And when you are obeying a court order, you forget what a dumb idea it is. Well played, and thanks for the correction!

Anonymous said...

We officially live in bizarro world. [If the years are indeed alternated], it's certainly a step in the right direction if affirmative action is now considered racist against black people. It would be more interesting if African Americans now comprised the majority of the student body. Of course, this could be the result of having a black president - the race card is maxed out. Perhaps gerrymandering should be considered racist as well... "Are you saying I can only get elected if the district is drawn to be 90% black? That's racist!"

Unknown said...

The money quote..."The fact that it is absurd, and wrong, does NOT imply that it was not ordered by a court."