Monday, September 06, 2010

The Grand Game, Duke Edition

I'm sorry to have to do this. But I have to call out the Grand Game about an article written about Duke's bacchanal "Tailgate" party on saturdays before football games.

My son Brian attended the Tailgate. I will not quote his response, but it was quite an event.

And now, the article: what's your favorite part? (I'm not mocking the article, which is well written and factual. But the fact....well, have at it, folks!)

I'll go first: Duke administrators decided to take a FIRM stand, and cut off the number of beers students can bring to the event. They drew a line in the sand: no more than 30 cases of beer per car! (Later said that was a mistake, but... yes it was a mistake).

Some commentary from last year....

Anyway, like I said, not proud. But this had to be done. Emjoy.


piefarmer said...

firstestablished a new set of guidelines for the event, aiming to reduce alcohol waste
"on the list of reasons for the new regulations: preventing alcohol waste..."
this under a picture of a Keystone Light Beer case.
Some would say Keystone Light is a waste of alcohol by itself, but then, I didn't go to Duke, just the North Avenue Trade School.

Dirty Davey said...

Duke has a football team?

Angus said...

" a new set of guidelines for the event, aiming to reduce alcohol waste.."

So Duke ordered their students to stop being such wusses and just go ahead and finish up their damn beers??????

That sounds about right.