Monday, November 01, 2010


Will Supreme Court Grant Cert in Manhattan Eminent Domain Case? (Story) (Nod to J-Wo)

What did the Porkulus actually "multiply"? (Story) (Nod to Angry Alex)

The Dems think no one appreciates them. The Dems are right. (Story) (Again, thx to Angry Alex)

So you think the little fishies are cooperating? Not so much... It's actually a straightforward PD problem: If all the little fish would scatter at the same moment, most would escape, because there are so many and the predators are few. But if I expect YOU to take off, I should stay in the ball. One or two fish trying to escape will be caught. And if I expect you to stay in the ball...I should STILL stay in the ball.
(Nod to E-New)

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Anonymous said...

I like the calypso music that plays in the background as the innocent fish in the baitball are slaughtered by heartless predators. Are the producers totally lacking in emotion? Why not play music to bring out some pathos and make the viewer lachrymose?