Thursday, January 06, 2011

Video Beatdowns

I am a fan of a good video interview beatdown.

Here are two exceptionally delightful ones.

The folks at CNN put the hammer down on Dr. Wakefield, the Bernie Madoff of vaccine science.

And Jon Stewart's man Aasiaf Mandvi goes after San Francisco. I giggled and jiggled uncontrollably. The sheer Orwellian arrogance of the SF guy, saying "we don't have that power." Really? REALLY?

(Nod to @BrendanNyhan and Angry Alex)


Anonymous said...

WRT to the Daily Show segment, Netflix isn't doing anything to hurt people. So, there's no basis for government regulation. Fast food restaurants are. So there is a basis. There's a qualitative difference. Really!

Anonymous said...

Fast food restaurants are hurting people?

Dude, you are hurting me.

Anonymous said...

There's a running joke in the health community when the vaccine issue comes up: "How many kids did Jenny McCarthy kill today."

I think the worst part is that she is getting rich off of it with her "non-profit."

Richard Stands said...

McDonalds really should stop forcing parents to buy happy meals at gunpoint. It's just wrong.