Sunday, July 24, 2011

Maybe This Time

Usually, when I think something is a turning point, it turns out to be a high water mark. Sort of like how Woodstock was not a fundamental step forward in hippie culture, but its never-to-be-repeated apotheosis, after which a lot of boomers starting to go bald (even the women) and get jobs as I-bankers and stockbrokers.

So, with that caveat, let me offer this piece by KPC pal Dave Weigel as a turning point, something we may look back and remember as a start, not an end.

This rant was the start
, in some ways, of the organized Tea Party movement. This article by Weigel was basically the end of my campaign, though that wasn't Dave's fault. Beginnings or ends... who can tell, at the time?

Thus it is with the #FuckYouWashington hashtag, and American Elect. The question is whether the idea for a "real" third party (LP is apparently chopped liver?) will catch on. Dave is absolutely right, of course, that electing a President would do very little. Except that it would do a lot. Veto points only work if MCs have the juevos to block stuff. And pretty much none of the MCs have juevos.

(Nod to Brendan Nyhan, or rather @brendannyhan, for the link)

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John henry said...

Seems to me like any traditional type of third party is a fools errand.

How about this: A third party that is organized for the purpose of raising funds and getting out the vote for pols of either of the two main parties who are willing to support a liberal (as in liberty oriented) agenda.

I would also like to see it emphasizing frequent turnover. For example 2 terms and out. Or even 1 term and out.

Instead of raising money to send to candidates like a PAC, have people send money directly to the candidate. Have them add 73 cents to whatever contribution eg; $100.73 so the funds could be tracked.

If it could avoid legally being a "party", but just an organization, it would likely not even have to comply with election laws.

It could even be organized as a for profit and avoid any requirements for non-profit status. It would have next to no income so would pay little in taxes.

John Henry