Sunday, February 26, 2012

One step closer to sending in the gunboats

Germany is sending over 150 volunteer tax collection experts to Greece to "help" them clamp down on tax evasion.


Story is here.

What could possibly go wrong?


Anonymous said...

Panzers, not gunboats.

Gerardo said...

Note to tax collector: Beware of Greeks tearing chits

Tom said...

Tax collectors are unloved in the best of times and when they are of the same culture as the taxed. When tax collectors are from a different culture and, worse, from a country that has invaded within living memory, then they will be hated with fervor. Volunteer tax man beware!

Dave said...

Ve haff vays of making you pay taxes!

Barry Stocker said...

Sigh, no this is not about gunboats or German thugs extorting the last Eurocent of possible tax liability from cowering Greeks. These are German volunteers advising on tax administration. This will help Greeks improve a monstrously inefficient tax collection system, which has something to do with the present crisis. You know, spending money without raising it. I'm sure that most Greeks have got over WWII, and will have the maturity and sense to appreciate the benefit.