Monday, September 09, 2013

Monday's Child

1.  The state "markets," but private firms "advertise."  The difference?  Advertising is bad, and needs to be regulated, or outlawed.  The state just provides information.  Really.  That's what they say.

2.  In the German election:  Fiat money!

3.  Rush has a new children's book.  And it's #1....before it is released.

4.  The President made a mistake when he said "red line."  Perhaps "we" (whatever that means) should have protested then.  But it would take 75k troops to achieve the objective of securing the chemical weapons in Syria.  If we aren't going to do that (and I hope we are not), what exactly are we doing?

5.  I'm not sure this is true, by any means.  But if it's  "NSA works with tech companies to insert intentional security weaknesses into software."  Phone call for Tom Schaller:  You must be very proud of your President, bud.

6.  Apparently creating a parallel currency is illegal if you do it for the "wrong" reasons (i.e., Bitcoin or Liberty Silver Dollars).  But it's fine if you do it make sure no one goes a-spendin' their cash at Wal-Mart.  Wow.

7.  The LMM is in RI.  And stuff like this happens.  It's appalling, disturbing, and occasionally unintentionally funny.  The zoning law bit is nice.  Gotta feel bad for the pigs, tho.  That's a rough way to go.

8.  Cow-tipping is a HOAX?  Then just what WERE those guys doing out there in that field in the dark?  Ewww.....  Poor Chateau.  His world is in tatters.

9.  Wow.  I  The reason the US should kill Syrian civilians in punishment for Syria killing Syrian civilians is that it would...create jobs in the U.S.  I mean, that editorial has everything.  Amazing Amero-centrism.  Callous disregard for human life and international law.  And a big broken window fallacy as a cherry on top.  Thanks to Hutt for the find.  I wouldn't have believed it.  The Onion would have rejected this as a pitch.  "No, that's too stupid.  No one could believe that."

10.  Harvard:  Home of gender bias?

11.  Colbert on Syria.  More soon, he says.

12.  Fifteen top "vaporware" products of all time.  Really interesting.  Especially if you take a walk down visual memory lane at these TV ads (the HTML is messed up, in the link, but you can cut and paste the ones you want to see...)

13.  Tunapanda!  9 things learned...

14.  Memory Lane:  Van Gundy on Mourning's leg.  I like the way he described the end:  "Hold me back!  No, seriously, someone hold me back. Really.  I don't want to die."

15.  Can "the market" handle labeling and origin ID for poultry?  I guess we'll see.  An experiment.

16.  All the "new" jobs are part-time.  At least, a lot of them are.  My guess is health care.  Which is why I think we need single-payer.  We will not be able to compete with countries that fund health care from single-payer plans if we keep taxing employers for private plans.

17.  Very cute Guiness commercial.

18.  Anthony Weiner yells at constituents, embarrasses himself.  Not news, exactly, but pretty appalling.

19.  This may be just a LITTLE over the top.   But it is hard to imagine a worse set of foreign policy advisers for a President, except perhaps for those who advised GW Bush.

20.  Hard to understand why African-Americans love the government.  It doesn't love them.

21.  I had missed this.  Our Prez thinks he is the world.   He is the children.  His the one who makes a brighter day.  So YOU need to start giving.

22.  Bill Clinton:  "everyone should eat what I eat."  He means "vegan," I suppose.  But...well,  there are a lot of ways to go with that line.

23.  We can't run out of stuff, part 1,895:  There is no bee-pocalypse.  People saw that there was bee scarcity, and so they "hived off" their existing bees to make many, many new colonies.  Peak bees is peak idiocy.

24.  Those zany Dutch.  Not going to say anything more.  But this is really great.

25.  An update for "I have a dream."  

26.  Gene C makes a sound point here.

27.  The US farm subsidy program violates international law, is enormously wasteful, and goes almost exclusively to large corporations, damaging small private farms.  So, of course, we have decided to expand it.  I hate Republicans.

28.  Where members of Congress stand (or, mostly, hide under their desks) on Syria.  I hate Democrats.


Man tries to enter US in red chile shipment.  (Yes, alcohol was involved).   I like how (1) they misspell "chili" as the name of country, even in the headline, and (2) they say "the chile was released."  (On #1, here is this.  What is going on?  This would be my view.  But apparently New Mexico is different.  I had no idea.)

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