Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Liberalism Day ( #liberalismday )

So, "liberal" used to mean people who were convinced that freedom and equality (of opportunity, meaning no a priori privileges) were the best way to organize society.

And it still does mean that in Europe, to a large extent.

Can we take it back?  Maybe.  Let's give it a shot.

June 16, "Liberalism Day."  Joe Bob says, check it out


John henry said...


I have been calling myself a liberal for years. I usually have to explain that I mean classical liberal/libertarian/minarchist but I figure the lack of understanding is the problem of other people, not me.

I am using the word in an etymologically correct manner.

John Henry

Anonymous said...

The meanings of words and symbols change. I see this effort as the same as the folks trying to bring back the swastika. Historically, both the word "liberal" and the swastika meant things very different from what they now mean. To return to those older meanings is to ignore everything that has happened since.