Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  Here we thought that trees and fungi were socialist.  Unless you are an actual biologist.  In which case you know there is no socialism in nature.

2.  Tracy Lawson (spouse of Bob, who married WAY better than Tracy did...) has a book coming out August 6.  Check it out!

3.  Running barefoot....good?

4.  I had meant to post this link to the post my friend Tony de Jasay had written in May, about the Pope.  So, belatedly, here it is!

5.  I am a little tired of having people tell me that, since someone somewhere receives money from the Koch Foundation, my views can be dismissed.  So you might try this:  When someone says they oppose fracking, you can just dismiss them as a front for Russian imperialism.


6.  It's said that rugby is a ruffian's game played by gentlemen, and football (soccer) is a gentleman's game played by ruffians.  What about the fans?  Rational hooligans.

7.  This very nearly happened to us.  Because the LMM chose to blow-dry her hair.   She was yelling at me, in the car, to pull over.  I did not pull over, or obey the speed laws.  We pulled up to Emergency, they took her in wheel chair, and I went to park.  When I found the room, running around at 4 in the morning, the baby was crowned.  It was a near thing.

8.  Craig Newmark on a conversation with a sociologist.   Here's the thing:  compared to many people over on the "humanism" side of academics, sociologists are very well-trained and productive.

9.  "Okay, y'all are nice.  Arrest me, please."  I think he may have been ignoring the "Hawthorne Effect," however.  To watch a TV show, see that the cops are nice, and then conclude that the camera had nothing to do with the niceness is...dumb.

10.  We deliver.  Really, we deliver.

11.  Sometimes, you just need a break.  So LA has ... 1 minute parking?

12.  Okay, so this is bad.  But not as bad as this, which is the same basic principle. (NSFW, and noisy lamentation).

13.  This guy is so smokin' hot the judge wants him to get a vasectomy?  I don't see it.... Plus, the sentence is sketchy.  But what is it that makes all those ladies say, "Oh, yeah, THAT's the one.  I want a slice of THAT"?

14.  Real sugar Pepsi.

15.  If your idea of "independence" is having other people pay for everything, but keeping everything about yourself private, you aren't really independent.

16.  If she uses the weed, she's going to need more fries...

17.  What kids want from their dad is far.

18.  That horse is broke.  Yep.  Dead broke.

19.  Buy a town?  I can promise you nothing but swett.  That's it, Swett.  No blood, no tears.

20.  This tiger really DID go tiger.   Sad.

21.  Two questions, I guess.  A. How old should a kid be to be able to have a bb gun and go off by him/herself?  B.  Can't parents decide that?

22.  To win at Diplomacy, you have to be a good nerd and a bad person.  Really quite a bad person, frankly.

23.  Stick shift thwarts car-jacking.


A Man Wearing A Mentos Suit Falls Into A Tub of Diet Coke!  (You don't need to watch that now, but you know you are going to watch it...)


a Michael said...

#15. Reminds me of the 31 year old on the city bus the other day who tried to make the case to the woman next to me that because of his age, his father should respect his choices instead of getting mad that he has no job and watches tv all day in his bedroom ... in his dad's house. This was said as he was openly drinking cheap, hard liquor from a small bottle. (Given the pure entertainment provided on public transit, it's a mystery why more people don't take the bus to work. Listening to NPR on your commute doesn't compare.)

Anonymous said...

#1 was interesting up to the point where the authors compared the relationship to "carbon-lockin" which they claim firms are in because they use fossil fuel when other energy sources are "superior". Which one's, pray tell? Assumptions are not facts.

Russell G. said...

A lot of the anti-fracking propaganda is funded by the coal industry.