Sunday, January 11, 2015

Spectacular KPC 2,000,000th visitor massacre!

People, the sublime mess that is KPC keeps on chuggin'.  Sail on o ship of state and all that.

To partially thank our loyal, wonderful, (likely damaged) readers, we are going to give away two new Cambridge Press books to our awesome, divine, god-like two millionth visitor.

We could "spread the wealth around" and mail a page to each of you but that just not how we roll.

The first book is Munger's "Choosing in groups" (which is joint with the EYM. I wonder how many second year PhD students have CUP books out?).

But wait, there's more!

Since I can't write anything over 25 pages long and have no children, I've gotten Mrs. Angus to toss in a copy of her new Cambridge book, "The long process of Development"

Hey, I just thought of a joke:

Q: What's long and hard on a country?
A: Development!

So keep visiting KPC for your chance at these faaaabulous prizes.

I am not making this up. We will track our 2,000,000th unique visitor and upon contacting them and getting their info, will hit them with this awesome prize package. All decisions will be made by Mungowitz and are final. KPC employees and their families are ineligible.

(Technical detail:  the tracking info includes location and most--except last field--of the IP address, so we KNOW who you are, just like the freakin' NSA!  So no scamming, please.  We know your city and IP, and that will be your ticket to books.  If #2m does not contact us, we'll go to #2m+1, and then #2m-1, until we get a winner!)

Thanks for tuning in and don't touch that dial.

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Stuart said...

Only lightly damaged.