Sunday, May 17, 2015

Questions with easy answers: Higher Ed Edition

Salon asks the following: Why does the GOP hate college? and blathers on and on without ever once touching on the very simple answer:

Because "College" hates the GOP!

People, this is just basic, basic politics. An overwhelming majority of college professors are liberals. They vote for and contribute to the Democratic Party almost exclusively. It is widely perceived that professors spend much of their time inculcating liberal ideas into their students' unformed brains.

The reason the GOP hates college is the same reason why they hate Unions. Both are bastions of support for the Democratic Party.

It's amazing to me that liberals can't or won't see this. College professors and administrators backed the wrong side (at least for now). They didn't play it down the middle. They put all their eggs in one political basket and now, hey, payback's a bitch.

Of course, this is a shame because a college degree has perhaps never been more valuable. It is truly amazing that, even as the share of young people attending college rose steadily, so did the college wage premium.


Anonymous said...

Living in Wisco, I hear this question a lot. I always ask, "How many votes do you think Walker lost over that?"


Do you think Democrats are going to start voting Republican because of some incremental move on higher ed?

Well, no one ever said college professors were smart.

Anonymous said...

The lack of self-awareness in the comment section of the Salon article is astonishing.

Thomas W said...

Notice the assumption here. The GOP hates college because they don't advocate every proposed program to spend more money on college.

By this reasoning, both parties hate computer companies (including Apple) because they don't advocate a free laptop for everybody program.

Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of giving a talk at Wisconsin in late October last year. I loved walking through campus seeing all of the anti-Walker ads and posters. I just kept smiling, no sense in having a conversation with the true believers...

Of course if people like that DA in Brewtown have their way, it will be illegal to vote conservative soon.

Anonymous said...

Young people on collage campuses welcomed Dr. Ron Paul and have done so for Dr. Rand Paul. Universities founded to further Black collage education have had positive reactions to Dr. Rand Paul appearances.