Monday, July 04, 2016

Independence Day Rodent Action

Have you ever wondered how an American would act, if he were a small rodent? I think I have the answer.

We noticed some mouse droppings, and our dog-sitter claimed to hear "scritching" sounds (her word, not mine). So I put out some traps, baited with chocolate peanut butter.  Figured that would be irresistible.

Next day...found this (click for an even more Independent image):

Two things are noteworthy.

  • First, the trigger is licked completely clean.  This was extremely dense, sticky chocolate peanut butter.  Any jiggling and WHAP.  But no.  Licked it clean. Trap is still set, unsprung.  Balls.
  • Second, and even more American:  note the two small objects in the left foreground.  Yes, those are what you think they are.  The mouse, after eating all the bait, took a dump on the trap.

And that, dear ones, is the sort of spirit that makes America great.  A happy Independence Day to you!


Ryan said...

Better living through chemistry, Professor: warfarin is your friend and will end the comedy for your shit-taking rodents tout suite.

Unknown said...

No, do not use warfarin or any similar rat poison around pets! If they eat a poisoned rodent the results are gruesome. Try this trap instead...

Thomas W said...

Or try this one. The mouse has to push its head into the trap, which triggers it. I've had them frequently eat the bait off traps, haven't had the problem with this one:

Anonymous said...

Just tie a piece of yarn through the trigger and rub the peanut butter into that. You'll hang those rebels one after another.

Gerardo said...

Have you tried talking to the mouse?