Friday, January 17, 2020

Mungowit's End

I created a YouTube channel, with short videos based on some of my essays on economics.

Fun to make, and I'm learning a lot about videos, to help me teach students how to do "video papers," a much more useful application of their time than writing academic papers.

So far:

Everybody Loves Mikey

I'll Stick with These

They Clapped

The Mancgere

More every week, on Friday mornings!


ericmc said...

The internet is going to a more Wayne's world public access quality of content. No one wants to watch Cicero do a low budget version of Andy rooney on youtube. You have developed your written communication skills for longer than I've been alive, use them instead of jumping into the YouTube video nonsense

Anonymous said...

Go YouTube, go hard. It’s where the kids are, and as the philosopher Houston said, I believe the children are our future.

Anonymous said...

I hope you'll do "Unicorn Goverance" and videos on democracy, mandatory recycling, and public transit.