Monday, October 12, 2020

Monday's Child is Full of Links!

1,  Interview on CNN with the EYM

2.  Anatomy of a smear campaign. Not sure it was a "campaign," but it is an example of how information cascades plague social media. 

3.  An idiosyncratic, but interesting, history of fantasy football

4.  Why do basketball players make more than teachers?

5.  Plato v. Mises? (Mises wins...) 

6. James Buchanan's normative vision

7.  Econtalk: On the Future of Higher Education.

8.  IHS: Is capitalism sustainable?

9.  The "Munger's Guide to Academic Publishing."

10. The "Answers" ad from my 2008 Governor campaign.


Steve said...

#4) What do you think of a utility argument for professional sports salaries vs. teachers? Steph Curry may add 10 cents to the value of each basketball game, but 5 million people watch it, so $500,000.

Meanwhile, a student may value the education gained from a teacher at $2,000 (vastly more than the 10 cents), but they usually only teach roughly 25 people at the same time, thus $50,000.

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