Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Early Bird Gets to Blog

JMPP transforms a silly mistake into performance art.

She went to class, thinking classes started on MONDAY after break. But, of course, lots of kids aren't done throwig up yet. Classes don't start until Tuesday.

Does she panic? She does not; she blogs about it on the spot. Blogs can turn embarrassing mistakes into performance art. And they can help with those dry patches on your elbows.

Thinking of the early thing: My first teaching job was at Dartmouth, in the Econ Department. The chairman and his wife were having a party at their house. I got all dressed up (meaning i wore socks, and freshly laundered wrestling spandex), and went to the chairman's house. He was mowing the lawn; not a good sign.

But I figured he was running late, and I was five minutes early. It turns out I was five minutes plus a WEEK early.

He was so embarrassed for me (he was very old school) that he shut off the mower and invited me inside. We sat at his kitchen table and had lemonade. He had these great old chairs, antiques. I leaned back in one, and it immediately broke into about 100 small pieces. I took one piece of shrapnel/splinter in the bottom, and he helped me remove it. He refused any payment for the chair.

A week later, I was too embarrassed to go to the real party.

If I could have blogged about it, I would have felt better.

I feel better now.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Wait until you arrived a month ahead time to your 40 th High School Class reunion at the local county club and stand in a Tux at the bar wondering what the heck happen? Did they all died off in the last ten years, and I am the last idiot standing, or is this a senior moment and I am on the way to the assisted living center next door. I did have enough guts to attend the real thing a month later and was given the Class award for still being the dumbest classmate since the first award 40 years ago.

HispanicPundit said...

I am crying over here, this was one funny post!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I am also consider the smartest libertarian on the planet in hardball politics. Now you see why our movement is in trouble.... cmb