Thursday, March 03, 2005

Trey Cheek

A friend of mine died last week.

His name was Trey Cheek; I never even knew his real name was Clyde.

He was a student at UNC when I was Director of MPA there. Great guy. Later went to law school, and then worked for the NC Supreme Court.

His car hit a flat bed truck from behind, no skid marks. He never saw the extended back of the truck.

He was driving to have lunch with his wife in Fuquay. His wife, incredibly, turns out to be my younger son's orthodontist. We figured that out one day, when Brian had his mouth open getting big metal things put on his teeth. "You know Trey?" "Sure. You are MARRIED to Trey?" Unbelievable.

He pitched for UNC-Wilmington, and was drafted by the Mets out of college.

I was going to call him next week to come give a talk on pitching to the little league team I coach.

But now he's dead.

Hug your children, your spouse, your s.o., your dog, whatever. Life ends. Make sure you said goodbye, or at least said something worth remembering.


janet said...

Regards, condolences. All best to you and yours. Cheesy but got caught reading this while in one of those moods. Maybe grilled cheese. That's a little cooler.

Anonymous said...


Does one's life "end", even if one is not around to see it?

Got a call late Friday at work, two friends from school fell in love, got married, moved to new city to start new life, lost touch with them, now voice on the other end of the phone says she's dead, ended her life - not sure she "ended" it, (especially to those who have to deal with it rest of their lives).

Sorry to hear about this, but glad you wrote it.

Anonymous said...

Trey's my cousin and dear friend. i guess it is a mistake to google him when im up late crying and missing him. I appreciate your tribute- but the almost existentialist view is a little harsh. Trey was a very spiritual guy...and to say he's "dead"...well, he's not dead to any of us. If you want him to live on you should write to his baby boys about him, ask me anything you want to know

Anonymous said...

Right on, sis. Trey loves you (still) and we are going to be true to him. By the way, he was drafted out of high school.

Anonymous said...

I played baseball with Trey at UNCW. He will be well missed.

E. Glasgow (Big-E)

Anonymous said...

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It is devastating when a good friend dies, I lost one of my best friends last year, he was on Chile when the earthquake struck the nation, it was a major lost for me.

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Trey was a great person, we mourn his death so much.