Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Larry, Larry, Quite Contrary

Larry Summers takes the "no confidence" vote. He has plenty of confidence all by himself, of course.

Then, the Harvard faculty spend hours calling each other names.

"You are McCarthy."

"No, YOU are."

"I know you are; what am I?"

"Yo mama so fat, her blood type is Ragu!"

and so on.

The article at several points mentions "faculty governance." Most of these people can't govern themselves. Faculty governance is an oxymoron.

UPDATE: Betsy channels Walter Williams


TtwbC said...

I too believe the action against Summers is wrong. He put forth a theory that many find distasteful but certainly testable AND even refutable if the people who disliked what he had to say so much would get off their arses, stop publishing the same idiotic books whose theories don't have empirical backing in 10 editions and challenge Summers' positions --if the President of Harvard can't make an academic musing, academia is in trouble. Summers is the type of intellectual we need more of in academia. the killer suggesting that it is never appropriate for the faculty to have a say in whether a weak president or dean should get da boot?

TtwbC said...

Interesting POV from a Dukie, no less