Thursday, March 17, 2005

Man are From Mars

News flash: Big differences between men and women. At 11: Dog bites man!

In fact, there is not one human genome, but two: the male genome and the female genome.

I know we all claim to believe size doesn't matter, but the X chromosome is a lot more complex than the stunted, shriveled little Y chromosome.

My Duke colleague, Huntington Willard, can apparently never be Prez of Harvard. Too many of those bothersome scientific questions, that might have answers, instead of the theology self-important emotion.

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TtwbC said...

"We get terribly excited by the fact that humans and chimpanzees only differ by 1 1/2 percent genetically," he said. "Well, women and men differ by 1 percent. That's significant and worth studying."

Which sex is closert to the Chimp?
Or does it not work like that?