Monday, March 28, 2005

Now I'm Confused

The Schiavo case is NOT just a minor curiousity.

It is revealing splits in the right/libertarian coalition.

My canary in the coal mine is the very clever, and (I thought) solidly libertarian William Sjostrom.

The point is that I have great respect for his views. If he is this angry, or this angry, then I really am missing something.

Things I could be missing:

1. There is a conspiracy among doctors to misrepresent the mentally long-dead Terry's condition. Their motive is....I have no idea.

2. Freedom-loving people should want the government to waste lots of time on person-specific, ex post facto laws substituting emotionally hysterical mob rule for the established rights of next-of-kin to control the manner of living, and if necessary of dying, for their loved ones. The reason is....I can't imagine.

3. If I was brain dead, and had been for years, as a result of a failed suicide attempt, I would want people to prolong my misery, allowing me to be a huge burden both financially and emotionally, for as long as possible. The reason is...remind me, why did I want to go on living in a ghoulish, nonsentient suspended animation, exactly?

In short, I may just be projecting. The doctors who say she is brain dead, I believe. The people who say that government should intrude, using its coercive powers in the service of craven politics, I don't believe. And I beg anyone who will listen to fucking SHOOT ME if I ever end up like that.


Anonymous said...

If you try any harder to be young and hip, you are going to break your hip.

mungowits said...

Dear Kofi Anon:

I think you may have a point, but attaching this comment to this post seems like a non sequitur. There are much more likely examples.

As for "young"...I think you are wrong. "Immature" is a much more accurate description.

Anonymous said...

I hope somebody blows my ass away, If I am in that condition* Killer

Don't worry! The State already has you in their sights should you raise up a mob of angry libertarians like our founders and it has nothing to do with your health, whether you are young or old and in great shape on medicare or mediaid. Just remember, those two forms of pyramid scams will put you at the bottom of the plug to go, and save a bundle of taxpapers bucks for the State. Last in means you are first to go and that should convince future State Liberals that this state Death Cult really works.

Yrs, Tony Soprano