Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"Free" Means You Don't Get It. But You Can Beg!

Dutch boy MM writes:

It’s the same group that put together Big Brother in the late 90s here, thus beginning the reality TV stuff. When I read this I didn’t even flinch, as there’s all kinds of stuff like this on the teley here. (i.e., in Netherlands) This is a blog entry, (SCARED MONKEYS)...

Leave it to the Dutch to create the most tasteless television known to mankind. A primetime show is going to feature a terminally ill woman who will quiz on primetime television 3 people who are suffering from kidney failure and are desperate for a kidney transplant.

The winner will get the kidney, the other two will have their hearts (and lives) broken on national television as they know their chances for success are limited. The Netherlands is suffering from a shortage of organs for transplant. In most of the civilized world, there would be appeals to the humanity of people, in the Netherlands it is a primetime entertainment show.

Sick, just sick…

Source for news article here.

If we had markets in organs, or some way to pay donors, not just compensate them for their expenses, many of these people would be able to get kidneys.

Instead, in the land of "free" medical care, they are going to make them beg in public for their lives. And two of them will die, or else live like cripples for a few months. Nice.