Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wait, I thought WE won

So the Brits have their lacy black undergarments in a knot over a wink?

We won the Revolutionary War. Sure, the French fleet played the decisive role, we won very few pitched, set-piece battles, and our soldiers were often tattered bands of irregulars. And King "Cut and run" George III decided he had better things to do with his troops.

Still, we won. We won over the principle that birth makes one person better than another. Even GWB had to stand for election, twice. You may think his birth helped him, but it doesn't define him. GWB didn't win because of his birth. He won because Al Gore and John Kerry are two of the biggest empty suits in the history of politics.

If I want to wink at the Queen, I'll wink. Even if I were President. She is not elected, she has no authority except control over millions of pounds of financially and genetically in-bred wealth and property.

If he had MOONED her, sure, that would be an outrage. But momentarily misspeaking, "17....1976" and then winking....Give me a break.

That isn't in the top 100 of GWB's most appalling blunders.

The Brit newspapers can all just line up and BITE me.

(Nod to AE, who loves queens, and the UN, and other authoritarian structures)

UPDATE: The backrub. THAT was a blunder. You don't touch an elected leader of another country to give them an uninvited backrub. That was appalling. Of course, in 1938, when the Germans decided to give all of Sudetenland a backrub, THAT was okay. I guess it just depends who is getting the backrub....


Anonymous said...

Heh, backrubs can blow in your face.

Look at what happened to Xerxes when he felt up Leonidas.

Alexandra said...

Bush charm support group? Those poor gals.