Thursday, May 31, 2007

Evil Home Stereo. What good songs do you Know?

Proud of your stereo? Is it 500 watts? 1000? more? Well did you know there is a snobby cult of people out there who would dismiss your amp as "a pile of sand" and your speakers as "monkey coffins"? People who believe that "the first watt is the best watt", and use micro powered vacuum tube amps with specialty high efficiency speakers? For good or ill, I am one of those people.

So is Don Garber whose products are profiled in this month's Men's Vogue magazine (don't ask me how I know this). Take a look at this:

That bad boy puts out about 2 watts per channel, weighs over 25 pounds, costs over $2500 retail, and if you have a love of music and the right speakers, is a freakin' bargain and a half.


Anonymous said...

monkey coffins?

oh, my....

Anonymous said...

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javieth said...

I usually listen loud music in my house, that´s why I bought a big stereo, I like to spend my time at home I think it was the costa rica investment opportunities because I acquired my house and now I can do everything I want.

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