Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lifts and Unites

The old Playtex "Cross Your Heart" commercial for bras used to tout how the lingerie "lifts and separates." (A cartoon)

But this new Japanese bra induces voter turnout.

Nothing says "go vote!" like two four-inch metal cones. The people may not rise,
but that cold metal will certainly keep the young lady wide awake. Brrrr.....

The downside? Young men who try to "vote with their feet", or even their hands, are likely to get slapped.

UPDATE: If you REALLY want a life-like bra, one that depicts the actual political process in a democracy, you'll need this.

UPDATE AGAIN: Apparently, props are due to Pink Tentacle. So, props.

1 comment:

Simon Spero said...

They call her Arrow Kitty, cause she sure ain't single peaked