Friday, November 23, 2007


Took the Younger Younger Munger down to the property today, to answer some questions that needed answering.

1. Will a K98 8mm Mauser shell pass completely through a 14" pine tree?

2. Will same type shell break a piece of granite the size of a basketball?

3. What happens to a well-shaken soda can when hit with a shotgun shell at a range of 5 yards?

4. If you are careful, can the Mauser hit a soda can on a rock at a range of 75 yards?

1. Incredibly, yes. The shell was seen to hit in a puff of dust at least 100 yards behind the tree. But there are clear entry and exit holes in the tree. It's a steel-jacketed slug, so it kept its shape. That was a big pine tree. You know when cops on tv hide behind car door for protection from rifle fire? I don't think so. They couldn't even hide behind a freakin' TREE, if the other guy has a real rifle.

2. The rock literally explodes. I thought it would chip, and we would get a cool ricochet sound. Nope. Explodes. 20 pieces. To be fair, this rock apparently had an invisible crack, or at least cleavage line, that broke cleanly. A more solid rock might have performed as expected.

3. It ceases to be. We found pieces of aluminum, but no traces of anything that might be called a can. Visually spectacular, too. I recommend it. It actually looks like a movie special effect (can-POW-gone*), but it is just little pieces of lead flying at high velocity.

4. Unbelievably, yes. And this is standing, without a scope. Fifth or sixth shot. Brian hit it in four, and even I, not nearly as good a shot, hit it on the sixth shot. (Brian hit two in a row at one point). That is one accurate rifle. The sights are extremely simple, and well set up. And the bolt action.....sweet. You pump tht massive bolt back, and that thumb-sized cartridge flies out in a puff of smoke, and you ram another round into the chamber. Extremely satisfying.

*I think I had this in a Cantonese restaurant in San Francisco a few years back.


Shawn said...


I remember trying to shoot a can with my bb gun in middle school. Not quite as cool.

Wonder if the shell would go through an oak tree as easily.

The Unknown Professor said...

Since we live in one of the bluest of blue states (not the imperial republic of Massachusetts, but close), I doubt many of my neighbors would appreciate just how incredibly cool this is for your kids.

The Unknown Wife won't let me indulge my jonesing for firepower. But at least she'll let me get high-powered slingshots for the kids. Little does she know you can put a ball-bearing 10 inches into a tree with one. They just look innocent

Mungowitz said...

Oh, no, these are commercial soft pine trees, genetically engineered to maximize growth. Bullet would disappear in an oak. Probably 8-10 inches of oak would shut it down.

And, lordy, UnkProf: does she really not know? A top grade slingshot is every bit as dangerous as a rifle. And almost as much fun. You get ya some pumpkins, line em up, and let the ball bearings fly. said...

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