Monday, November 19, 2007

Hugo: Porque no te callas?

Eh, Hugo: I've got your ringtone right here!

The king of Spain lays down the smack.

Un cancion, para todo el mundo, como "The Dean Scream."

(and, you will NOT get that song out of your mind, I'm warning you)


Shawn said...

"The king said what Venezuelans have wanted to say to Chavez's face for a long time," said Jenny Romero, 21, a student sporting one of the T-shirts in Caracas. "I'm wearing this T-shirt to protest everything bad that has happened in the country."

Let's hope Jenny is around to appreciate her anti-statism after the election.

Angus said...

Una canción, porfies!

Mungowitz said...

No, no: that cancion is FAR too manly to take the feminine.