Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Please Join my World Bank Re-Location Campaign!!

The managing operations director of the World Bank just flew in from Bhutan. He sez we all could learn a lot from and should even emulate Bhutan. Why is Bhutan so sexy? Well they don't want to talk about GNP but rather GNH (gross national happiness). AAARGH. Bhutan ranks very near the bottom of the HDI (human development index) which is an attempt at a not completely GDP based development metric (it uses GDP, Life expectancy and Literacy). Bhutan came in 135th in 2004.

So, the World Bank, failed promoter of development and progress, is now offering up Bhutan "one of the most isolated and least developed nations in the world" as a model.


Poverty: if you can't beat it, endorse it!

People let's all get together and take up a collection and move them Bankocrats! From DC to Thimpu. I know that would increase our GNH!!


Prison rodeo said...


"The 3rd international conference on Gross National Happiness "Towards Global Transformation. World Views Make A Difference" will be organized 22-28 November 2007 in Thailand."

(from Wikipedia)

Book your tickets soon!

BR said...

I like the concept, but dislike the methodology. For me, GNH = C + I - G + X + M would be more appropriate and easier to calculate!