Sunday, November 04, 2007

Nachas: Fall Baseball 2007 version

I learned a new word last fall, "nachas", from my friend at Newmark's Door.

Of course, I already knew what nachas FELT like, as most parents do.

This fall, same baseball league:

Semifinal game, city tournament, Raleigh v. Wake Forest, scheduled starter couldn't make it, late and a bit sick. My son Brian pitched.

He threw a complete game (7 inn) shutout, against a good team. Pitching line:

IP 7
R 0
ER 0
H 3
K 15(!)
W 5

They won, 3-0.

His only problem was the fourth, where leadoff guy gets on on an error, Brian walked the next two. But then he struck out two, and caught a fly ball to get out of the jam.

Complete games are extremely rare, even though "CG" is only 7 innings. Kids just lose concentration. I think it helped him that he scattered 3 hits and 5 walks, because it kept him just on the edge.

But in the 6th, he struck out 4 guys (on PB allowed the runner to get on, a curve int he dirt). And in the 7th he struck out two more, on 8 pitches.

Then we went to Taco Bell. I had Nachas Grandes.

Final game, city tournament, 15-17 year old league: tomorrow night, Monday. Will advise.


Angus said...

mungowitz: congrats to the younger younger munger and all the munger clan. With all due respect though, I got a quextion: he "caught a fly ball"? From the mound? did he use a motorbike? Brian has many talents but at the end of the day, he is after all a munger and thus not especially fleet in the foot department.

Mungowitz said...

That would make sense.

But it happens not to be true. Except for the hair, he is a Gingerella.

He is the fastest guy on the team, and he caught the fly ball up against the fence, right by the third base dugout.

If not for the hair, this would raise questions about his paternity. He is remarkably fast.

Now that I think of it, you haven't seen him in a while. He lost 30 pounds, and has been rowing crew, so there have been redistributional consequences also. He is ripped (again, yes, raising paternity issues).

Strange to see.