Friday, May 23, 2008

Some Men Really ARE Islands

Went to a "Premium Breakfast" this morning, with W. Earl Allen, on China and developments there. Very nice talk, good breakfast. notice things. I got into the elevator, and it was pretty full. Now, I admit, this was 6:50 am local time, and people were groggy. But I, seeing that everyone on the elevator had a LP name tag, gave a hearty, "Good Morning! How is everyone?"

Response: Everyone looks at their shoes. One person says, "Abbaddah." Or something like that. Look, these are delegates to a political convention. Yay for the team, let's go get 'em. All that. Nothing.

Then, at the breakfast, very large room. Apparently more demand than they expected, so they moved to a larger room.

Except that this meant that one was not obliged to sit at a table with other people. There were at least eight (I stopped counting) tables with either one, or two, people. Each table had chairs for eight. And the tables with two had guys at the ten o'clock-two o'clock optimal driving position, not sitting together. Only one table was full, and that was the speaker's table. The median was probably 4 people at a table.

Jeez, people, at a convention, you are supposed to convene. Who would pay $35 to sit at a breakfast table by themselves at a political convention?


Anonymous said...

Maybe everyone's depressed about the fate of our country.

Prison Rodeo said...

$35 for breakfast?

Glad to hear the convention is being consistent with the "no free (meal)" philosophy...

Anonymous said...

Only a politician would actually WANT to talk during breakfast at 7am. If you brought your golf clubs with you, then your a goner.

Jacob T. Levy said...

Newsflash: most libertarians not named Mungowitz are introverts.

Therefore the answer to your final question is: libertarians, that's who.

Anonymous said...

Jacob Levy,

(1) Please return from Canadia. Amurica needs you. (And not just to help our spelling!)

(2) Look at the first two pictures here and tell me that thing again about libertarians being introverts.