Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crisis Links

Here are three articles that haven't gotten a lot of play that I think are well worth reading.

This is the most scholarly, it's by Ed Leamer (hat tip to Mark Perry).

This is a great rant.

This one explains that we need a financial Isiah Thomas to overpay for bad assets (note that it contains some non-family friendly pictures but is *awesome*).


prison rodeo said...

Goldberg? Nah. I mean:

"Perhaps after Al Qaeda seizes Baghdad, a President Obama would finally declare, `Hey, we can win this thing!'"


Best I've read so far is this:


Take that, Newt.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of the jerseys:


jayson said...

Uncle Sam as my landlord, great idea. Has the world gone MAD!!!!! Let everyone take their lumps, we will lick our wounds and life will continue with a more sane outlook on financial matters. I see us getting a big bill for a bailout and a steep recession for Christmas, just what we always wanted.

william said...

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