Thursday, September 25, 2008


At the debate, I claimed that each voter was wasting his / her vote, unless:

1. Your vote determines the outcome
2. You vote your heart, your dreams, for the sake of sending a message.

Vote the LoTE (lesser of two evils) makes no sense.

Then, I tried to answer the usual, "But what if EVERYONE thought that way?"

My claim was this: unless you are a Jedi, and can control OTHER people's weaker minds, then you only get one vote.

Jollyman, and N&O maven RTB was reminded of the following picture, which amused me greatly:


lewis said...

I have this argument every four years. Apparently Americans are not that good at statistics.

Manny K. said...

Social norms are important. Doing your small bit to undermine them is not a useful contribution to political discourse.

Mungowitz said...

Um....Manny, being an idiot is not good for the human race.

Please don't have children. Really, wear a condom. Over your head.

gwystyl said...

Great debate! I have voted my fears one time, and my impossible hopes all the other times. The only vote I regret is the one I cast out for the lesser of two evils. By the way, is that ridiculous charter school limit really going to last? What a crock.