Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I need to fire my broker

Man oh man. Housing is in the toilet, uncertainty and risk are everywhere, and my broker keeps buying and buying housing related firms and financially troubled firms for my portfolio. It's too late for me, I think I am doomed. I sure hope none of you guys have put your money into the brokerage house of Bernanke, Paulson & Co.!!

Plus I must be some kind of moron because I appear to have signed a deal where they can made purchases on my account without my approval, I can't take my money out, and they can buy stuff now and finance it with claims on my future earnings!


Mungowitz, as your friend, I advise you to stay in Australia. Get your papers and then send for your family. I am looking for a way to get me, Mrs. Angus and Mr. Pluto across the border (Welcome to Tijuana, con el coyote no hay aduana!).