Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Elder Younger Munger On His Way! Maybe.....

The elder younger Munger, the one with the most excellent name (i.e., Kevin), is supposed to be coming over to visit. The plan is that he leaves NC on Saturday, and arrives here Sunday a.m.

Except....well, here is a recent picture of the EYM:

Sunday morning I was in the office here in Erlangen. About noon, I get a chat invite from Kevin the EYM. We chatted, I said he was up early, then corrected myself and said, "No, I bet you are up late."

EYM says: "Late. It was a long night." He has my attention now.

EYM says: "I may as well just come out and say it." I'm thinking, jail? A fight? Never good when someone says, "I may as well just come out and say it."

The EYM describes how he was having fun dancing, perhaps a bit exuberantly, and fell. As he fell, he hit his mouth squarely on the upright back of one of those really solid metal dorm chairs.

Apparently, it sounded a bit like someone was playing Yahtzee, as pieces of tooth scattered like dice on the floor. And, one of Kevin's friends noted that there was so much blood that he (the friend) had to go throw up for a while.

Several decisions, at this point. Go to hospital (one correct for the EYM; yes)? Call mother (It's 1 am, Sunday morning; another correct for the EYM, no). He had his insurance card, thought enough to collect the tooth/dice pieces that were findable. Turned out the tooth could not be saved. (When you tell the doctor, "Here are my tooth," it's a long shot).

When mother DOES find out, there is some drama, but at least it is morning. Go to dentist a couple of times. Dentist says it will take several surgeries, including an implant for the new root of the tooth. Pretty grim.

Doctor asks if there are any questions. The kid must be scared, after all. The EYM comes up big, though. Through swollen lips and gum: "Cem Ahm get um big gode wan?"

Doctor: "I'm sorry, what?"

EYM: "Duh new toot. Cem Ahm get um BIG GODE wan?"

Doctor, laughing. "Yes, yes, your new tooth can be a big gold one, if you want. You may rethink that if you ever want to get a job, but we can do whatever you want, sure."

Should know today if he can make it over on Saturday.


El General said...

HAHAha, apparently sense and style of humor is genetic.

Anonymous said...

You need a new picture of EYM - bloody ugly in that photo. Did he get in a fight or drunk?