Sunday, May 10, 2009

The GBike is Revealed

Some readers (well, one, BR) had asked a for a picture of the Gbike. And I can understand that. When one lives the glamorous sort of life that I do, then people just naturally want to know more.

So, I took this video of the Gbike and its accessories. Enjoy.


Tom said...

Most excellent Gbike Documentary, Sir Mike.

Anonymous said...

Tommy the Englishman now can't get enough of this blog

fh said...

That Gbike would be long gone in Berlin with a little girls "theft device" like that...

Anonymous said...

well, sure, F, that's the point.

When you tough Berliners see the pirate flag, you know that you had better back off. No REAL theft device would be necessary.

'cause the only letter in a real gRRRRRRl's bike is: RRRRR! (That's a pirate "thing", you know.)

br said...

Thanks Mike! Love the pirate flag, and the matching goatee. So, it's really only a gbike b/c it lacks the bar from the seatpost to the head of the fork. Not sure why gbike's are like that. Anatomically, it seems like men would benefit more from that design (I would have on several occasions). Must be a payload issue.

Tom said...

Girls' bike have a low cross bar so that they can mount while wearing a skirt. Bike makers do not care if you crush your nads.

Shawn said...

i'm not sure if i should or should not support any sort of mounting while skirted.

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