Sunday, May 03, 2009

Rock Bottom

I'm not sure if the economy has hit bottom yet, but I am pretty sure a couple of prominent economists hit rock bottom this week.

First, consider Larry Summers. If he thought being run out of the Harvard presidency was the worst thing that could happen to him, he was way wrong, as this week President Obama threw Larry under the bus, claiming that Summers was Robert Reich re-incarnate!

Second, consider Christina Romer who made her reputation calling out people for using faulty data. Now she's reduced to flacking for President Obama's "create or save (fill in the the number here) jobs" from the stimulus bill meme, using nothing other than chutzpah to produce her numbers.

Speaking of "rock bottom" the Republicans should get the Rock to be their spokesman. I'm serious. What do they have left to lose at this point? Can you imagine it? "Now I want to you to take that stimulus bill, roll it up real tight and......."


Anonymous said...

can you SMELL what data the Rock is cookin'?

Anonymous said...

blah blah - more anti Obama comments.

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