Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Back From NYC, and Rapping It Down

So, I'm back from NYC, and have finished my (truly trivial, probably will die on cutting room floor) role in the rap video. It was SO great to watch the film crew in action, though. Very, very cool. Also colder than heck in NYC, post-blizzard.

For more info on the video, and the rap song, and the people who actually matter, check this video....

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Anonymous said...

"markets are inherently unstable."
-I always loved this, considering how stable government's interventions are.
-How is the Depression an argument? Even if it is claimed that a free market approach was given a chance (it wasn't), there was no discernable recovery until post-WWII. Statistically, there was little difference between the initial panics of 20-21 and 29. are we to assume that sans-FDR intervention, we would be living in caves? i guess so.
-The words "animal spirit" should be removed from any economic analysis.
-#1 RULE OF RAP: avoid releasing vids featuring the pastiest whitest dude you can find.