Monday, December 21, 2009

The EYM Comes Home

The Elder Younger Munger returned home from UNC, resplendent. He pulled the intermediate microecon and macroecon courses out. He had skipped the intro courses (which are always dreadful) and the second level courses (which are only slightly less so). But it does help to know the definitions. Still, he got through them both, with just enough for the "gentleman's A-" that is what the "gentleman's C+" has turned into at American universities. Two anecdotes of the return.

1. In the car, he was describing a friend of his. The EYM has a great deadpan, which drives the LMM a little nuts. EYM: "I have a friend. He just got his nipples pierced. His first piercing experience."

LMM: "Why? And YOU had better not do that."

EYM: "Whimsicality. He got curved barbells inserted into his nipples. But invisible to others, most of the time. Whimsicality."

LMM: "And he's better now, somehow?"

EYM: "Well, he is considerably more sensitive to temperature changes...."

2. Then, the EYM noted that he is in a "band," THE PRETENSE. They have "tracks" up on MYSPACE, at

They are, as you will hear if you listen, a noise rock band. Three tracks have particular historic value, I think:

"Exams at 8 and 12, Featuring 'The Neighbor'" (listen at the end; that's an actual neighbor coming in and telling them to STFU)

"Stupidly Hot Shower" (just because)

"Kentucky" (this track was of course much too commercial and calculated for the band's core fans. It has, after all, both something like a melody and something like lyrics. NOT those things, but something like them. So the band broke up over creative differences, but reformed after promising NEVER to "sell out" with any commercial pandering like this again. A turning point, I predict.)

Finally, I should point out that they are playing a gig January 18, at Elon, as a warmup band. I predict injuries, inflicted by the audience, and inflicted on "The Pretense."

UPDATE: Old KPC friend Martin comes home for Froehliche Weihnachten, and sends warm props to the EYM. Thanks, Martin. And of course I will elevate your suggested link to the front page. That's amazing.

As for Principles of Econ, Patrick, you MAY be right. But the EYM read Hazlitt, Hayek, and Heilbroner, Read and Rand before he was 12. He is almost finished with a math major in college. I don't see why memorizing the definition of "elasticity" in a large principles class is going to help. Having me as a dad has many obvious drawbacks. Why not acknowledge the one benefit: He has had "Principles" shoved down his throat since birth?


Martin said...

Way to go EYM! Sounds like a younger version of the flying luttenbachers. (See the video "Live In Germany 1999". I was there, could not close my mouth for the whole show of 40 minutes. Wasn't dry after all.)

Patrick said...

Principles can be the best, if you get the right Prof. Isn't there something like an honors section at UNC? I learned a ton of economics in my principles class, and lots of important questions, too- Way more than I learned in intermediate, which was mostly about tools.

noahpoah said...

I like that you said to 'listen at the end' of Exams at 8 and 12, not 'listen until the end.'

Also, why didn't you mention that, according to their myspace page, The Pretense is 'ahead of the cruve'? How can we fully evaluate The Pretense if we don't know if they are behind the cruve, right in the midst of the cruve, or fully ahead of the cruve?

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