Sunday, December 06, 2009

Wow! Great Britain is Messed Up!

two stories that caught my eye:

1. A guy found a "shorn-off" shotgun in his garden, with two live shells.
He goes to turn it over to the police. And is arrested. And was convicted. And will be sent to jail (!). For "possession of a fire arm"! The law is "strict liability." Just amazing. This man will go to jail for five years.

My gosh, even the Canadians think the Brits are a bunch of jack-booted thug boys.

Sentencing for the vicious criminal Paul Clarke will take place on December 11. And let me state some sympathy for the police, here. IT'S THE LAW that's stupid. How could you enforce a law where turning in a gun is a crime that carries a five year prison sentence?

2. A guy in Wales was cleaning up his yard. By law, the People's Democratic Republic of Wales has dictated that you MUST put yard waste in the special yard waste containers so that paid goons can suck down taxpayer money to go around and collect it for "composting."

So, our sturdy lad did as he was told
. But he also raked up some sticks and apples that had fallen from his apple tree. Apple tree is in the yard, and when it drops sticks, leaves, and apples that might well seem like yard waste.

The crew of cretinous sinecurists refused in horror to collect this dangerous waste, and slapped a "CONTAMINATED!" sign on the bin.

As for me, I'd say the Brits have gone ROUND the bin. One thing occurs to me: would it okay if the first guy had put the shorn-off shotgun in his yard waste? If he had, then the cops would have been forced to arrest the collectors, right? Zero tolerance on gun possession.


Tim Worstall said...

"sawn-off shotgun".

For you "saw" the barrels off, you see?

Anonymous said...

Tommy the brit is getting closer to being tommy the canuck

Kunal said...

Did they arrest the fellows at the police station for being in possession of the gun when Clarke handed it to them?

volcker said...

"Did they arrest the fellows at the police station"

Answer, Yes, he was arrested at the police station as he was handing in the wepon.

Anonymous said...

The Canadian Free Press isn't exactly the voice of the average Canadian. Its a far, far right wing publication, something akin to WND here in the states.

That said, I'd tend to believe that Candadians (or any rational person) would agree with this travesty of justice.

Dr. Tufte said...


When we lived in mid-city New Orleans, we found a big bag of coke in our front yard, within throwing distance of the street, in the newspaper-retrieving darkness one morning.

We called the cops, who took the bag, and assured us that it couldn't be coke. They kindly explained that it had to be about 2 fingers worth of some other white powder in a baggie with the air forced out, neatly double-wrapped in more plastic, and then taped, that people find in their grass all the time.

We were so comforted by their explanation that we didn't pursue the matter any further.